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With scar tissue informed by scholarship in positive psychology and finance, we have a library of thought leadership that we freely share with EOMs.

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Positive Enterprise Value Blog

The destination for the latest thought leadership on how the character of EOMs influences decision making.

Positive Enterprise Value Podcast

Personal, unscripted interviews with high-performing Entrepreneurs from both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Available for download.


Short films, interviews, and profiles of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers and the Bigelow team.

Bigelow Forum

Our annual invitation-only gathering of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

Sharing what EOMs have learned – and have had to unlearn – to build and unlock Enterprise Value in the private transaction market.


In-depth thinking on the creation and realization of Enterprise Value, and the life experience of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

Titles relevant to Entrepreneurs at every stage, from building the value of a business to securing a meaningful legacy.


Our latest research, studies, and analysis in the fields of Enterprise Value, risk analysis and the character of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.